Heffalump: a flashcard-based memorisation tool

Heffalump is a free memorisation tool based on the flashcard technique which uses spaced repetition to make learning as efficient as possible.

Today, Heffalump is nowhere near as good or mature as other tools that address the same problem. Try them all before Heffalump.

As long as I'm actively using and developing Heffalump, though, there's a chance it might catch up one day.

Better Tools


What It Does Do

What It Doesn't Do

Heffalump is minimal and needs polishing. The UI is ugly in places and there are numerous minor bugs, but it's very much usable (I use it every day and trust my data with it). Constructive feedback is welcomed, so please try Heffalump and e-mail bugs to me or file them on SourceForge.



Get version 1.0.0beta3 (released 2007-10-12) as:

MD5s with GPG signatures are provided in the releases directory. You can check them as described at the Bluefish site. My GPG key ID is 0x4778E714.


Click for full-size versions.

Heffalump's item browser window Heffalump's item adding window Heffalump's item review window Heffalump's primary window

Project goals

I'm aiming to make Heffalump:


Heffalump is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence, version 3.


Features I'm likely to add soon:

Other stuff I've thought about:


E-mail me at iwilcox@iwilcox.me.uk.

Developer Info

Contributions are welcome. There's currently no documentation outside the source code, so contact me if you're interested in helping.

If you want to see what you're in for, the source is available:


Credit is due to the following people and projects, in no particular order:

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