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This page used to just give an e-mail address. It’s a shame how surveillance overreach, commercial profiling and spammers have complicated things.

Mail sent here is currently handled by Google, plus I’m undoubtedly “full take” by virtue of using privacy tools, so expect all mail to be captured and permanently recorded. Although I’m working on moving off Google, unencrypted e-mail is simply not appropriate for private conversation. If you have something to say that either of us might not want shared with the world nor permanently recorded, and encryption is too much for you, don’t use e-mail to say it to me.

Sorry for not providing a direct mailto: link, but your message would only get lost in the resulting spam. It’s iwilcox at this domain, as in the image below; alternatively you can solve a CAPTCHA to get a clickable, copy-and-paste-able mailto: link.

My e-mail address

My PGP key‘s full ID is:

4189 CDE0 030C CD18 1119  A68E FC82 8BBD 1FE4 BAC7

It’s in the strong set. Find the (usually utterly meaningless!) distance/path between us here:

Your short key id (e.g. 1FE4BAC7 or 0x1FE4BAC7):

If you use PGP but we haven’t verified keys/have no trust path, and even if we probably never will, I still encourage you to encrypt non-sensitive stuff to me, because it’s worth the hassle in order to entrench strong encryption as a normal and healthy thing.